The most important things for your mornings!

Maximize your mornings!

Developing a healthy morning routine can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your longterm health.  Your morning is the foundation of your day, start it off on the right foot and the increased productivity will speak for itself.  

Regardless of the diet you choose (paleo, ketogenic, Mediterranean, etc) 

Two things to really think about; hydration and fuel.


Our body is constantly filtering and pumping fluids (water/blood/urine/lymph) throughout its complex system of filters.  Our kidneys are mostly effected by our hydration levels, chronic dehydration has been shown to cause long term kidney damage and early stage renal degeneration.  If you go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 6 or 7am, that means that your kidneys have been filtering the same fluids for roughly 9 hours.  We can see the results of this prolonged filtration by the change in our urine colors.  In the morning our urine tends to be darker due to the repeated filtrations, its a fairly safe assessment to 

So why is this important and what does it mean?  

What this means is that we need to flush these overly filtered fluids when we wake up and then replenish our bodies with the proper hydration electrolytes lost during these filtration processes.  The key to healthy cells is delivery and removal of nutrients and waste from our cells.  Hydration level directly effect the rate at which these reactions occur.   


I strongly recommend eating breakfast. you’re on an intermittent fasting plan (which should be done with someone who has mastered basic eating and nutritional basis),

One of the most common questions I get asked is, what is a good breakfast?  

No two humans are the exact same and everyone needs different things to maximize their own personal performances.  Many factors are go into creating the correct diet plan for someone, things like food preferences/needs, training or exercises modified plans,  certain medical conditions?  

Regardless of your own personal diet choices, there are two things I think everyone should focus on when choosing a breakfast plan; healthy fats and clean protein. 

Fats:  Healthy fats are extremely important for energy production and neurological health.  Fat is capable of producing double the amount of energy per calorie (1 gram=9calories) compared to proteins and carbohydrates (1 gram = 4 calories).  Load up on fats in the morning for sustained energy sources throughout your day, but also feed your brain for success. Forget what you’ve heard, find good sources of healthy fats and add more of them into your diet.  

Protein:  Protein is needed in every cell of the human body.  Proteins are essential for cellular repair and can also be used as an energy source when needed.   The source of protein can totally be up to the consumer, I prefer plant based proteins over animal proteins, they are easier to absorb and take less energy in the metabolism process.   

Plant based protein: Hemp protein, Spirulina, brazil nut protein

Animal proteins:  Eggs,  salmon, grassfed beefs and chicken

**always research the sources of animal proteins**

    Here is the plan:

Within the first hour you wake up you should:

Hydrate before you dehydrate. Water before coffee, always!  

  • suggested 12-18 ounces of water.

  • Coconut water or the perfect morning tonic is great way to start your morning.

  • Don’t forget your electrolytes.

Quick Meal examples.  High Fat / High protein. Carbs from good sources .

scrambled eggs/omelet& Avocado

  • Use coconut oil to cook with.

  • Replace your margarine with cleaner grass-fed butters.

  • Cut the pastries out and use Bananas as a good source of carbohydrates


Don’t have time to make breakfast?  

Use your blender to create a well-rounded breakfast

Protein powder (Always organic/non GMO.  Plant based preferably)

Add in melted coconut oil or avocado for a healthy fat

Fruit for added flavor

Use water or coconut instead of fruit juice to cut down on sugar

Do not start your day without fueling your body, without the proper fuel you’re setting yourself up to fail