Personal Training

Imagine what you could solve if you spent a few hours a week with your doctor?

Our movements and limitations tell us so much about the current health of the body.  A training session gives me great insight into how my client's body is currently performing. Through a trained eye and analytics systems put into action, the areas needed for improvement become very clear. This is where you know your energy needs to be focused.  

I personally believe that personal training is one of the most practical approaches to fixing the nation's healthcare issues.  There is extreme value in spending more time with clients. Having the ability to learn their habits, what are the expectations and commitment levels, what are the barriers to success.  Important things that can only come from spending time with the client.

The current health system limits time with healthcare providers, leaving you feeling lost and scared to move forward.   Training is a much more personal approach that allows for a strong bond between trainer and client, built around trust and understanding. 

I want to be the most impactful health coach and trainer I can be;  through my years of education, personal research and thousands of training sessions I have developed a system to build healthy humans.  Basic fundamentals and principles that apply to nearly everyone:

Build a healthy metabolism. healthy cells start with your body’s hormone balance, blood sugar balance, and energy development.   Exercise impacts all of these areas. 

Build strength without injury.  correct movement patterns will reduce orthopedic and soft tissue injuries over your lifetime.

Recovering properly.  What is “self-care”?  For us to “care” for ourselves, we must first listen to what our body is telling us.  We can do this through data analytics, testing, pattern recognition and forecasting. Our maintenance and upkeep MUST match our activity levels.  Recharging our bodies from daily stressors is just as essential as charging a dying battery on a cell phone.


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