Information is abundant while wisdom is scarce.  

The Way of Mike is a collection of stories, collaborations, interviews, podcasts, and original pieces to encourage smarter life decisions through health, nutrition, technology and environmental issues.  

About Michael Romine

I've jumped out of a plane, raced cars, climbed mountains, and started a company but launching The Way of Mike is the most exciting and uncomfortable thing I've ever done. 

Some people call me Dr. Mike, but please, call me Mike. I'm a scientist, (biology & physiology focused), intrigued with how we can live wisely. I spent my childhood in a small Louisiana town and moved to the “big city” of Dallas, TX after college. I went on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2010 and shortly after began the lifelong journey of helping deliver a healthier and happier society.

I’ve worked in healthcare, technology, organic foods, personal training, and started a men’s fashion company.  I fell in love with always trying to live a little more wisely than the day before. At TWOM, I will speak to the experts in multiple fields and bring you their hard-earned wisdom to you. 

After years of hands-on research, I began to see how monumental a systematic approach was needed to improve my client’s lives. In a world filled with false positives and blurred lines, it’s hard to know which direction is true north. My goal is to be your true north for living a wiser life. 

Follow my lead.  The Way of Mike. #TWOM