“Information is abundant while wisdom is scarce.”  

The Way of Mike is a collection of stories, collaborations, interviews, podcasts, and original pieces to encourage smarter life decisions through health, nutrition, technology and environmental issues.  

About Mike

Just call me Mike.

I've jumped out of a plane, raced cars, climbed mountains, and started a company but launching The Way of Mike is the most exciting and uncomfortable thing I've ever done. 

I consider myself a scientist, I study life and all the things it contains. I’ve realized that in order to be an effective leader you must know little bit about as much as you can. I’ve worked in healthcare, technology, organic foods, personal training, and started a men’s fashion company. All of these have taught me different lessons and I have cherry-picked the best ones to share with you.

After years of hands-on research I began to see how monumental a systematic approach was needed to improve my client’s lives.

In a world filled with false positives and blurred lines, it’s hard to know which direction is true north. My goal is to be a true north for living a wiser life. 

Follow my lead. 

The Way of Mike. #TWOM